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  1. Open a store

Have you already registered at Ordersfly? Registering is super quick and easy! Afterwards you can set up your own store in la few minutes. Just click on “Register” or Click HERE and Select “Apply to become a vendor”
Here you can provide the information needed to get going and then you’re ready!

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  1. List items for sale

To start filling up your store, just click where it says “Create a new listing” on your store’s page. Then follow the easy step-by-step process to describe your product and upload photos of it. Of course, you can change this description or delete the item from your store at any time.

  1. Manage your orders

Yay, you’ve sold an item! You will receive an automatic email from us containing all relevant information for the transaction. Once you have received payment in full for the order, pack up the item well and send it off to the lucky buyer!

  1. Receive your payment

Payment for the balance of your orders (net of Ordersfly fees) is deposited into your paypal account, and you receive notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.

Seller Rules

You must:

  • When submitting a product for sale accurately complete the sellers Product Submission form
  • Ensure that all submitted products comply with applicable laws and are not copied or duplicated in any format

You are prohibited to:

  • Divert Ordersfly users to another website or sales process either through links, advertisements, marketing messages or “calls to action”
  • In any communication with Ordersfly customers you must not include advertisements, marketing messages or “calls to action” that encourage customers away from the Ordersfly website and keep the communication limited to details around support of your product
  • Misuse the ratings and feedback forum. Do not include inappropriate comments or personal information about any user or supplier in feedback.

*  including, without limitation, any patents, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, applications for any of the foregoing, copyright, database rights, design rights, know-how, confidential information, trade and business names, trademarks and any other similar protected rights in any country.


As a seller you agree to appoint Ordersfly as your non-exclusive agent to display, market and sell products that are owned by or licensed to you; you warrant that you are the original author and own the copyright of the product and therefore have the right to sell the products or that you are a licensee with sufficient authority to do so. Products displayed and sold through the Ordersfly website remain the property of the seller. The seller has sole responsibility and control of their products, including risk of loss.

As an Ordersfly seller you agree to the publication of feedback and ratings about your products, even though the feedback may be critical, insulting or defamatory and you waive all rights against Ordersfly in respect of any liability in connection with the publication of defamatory comments about you or your organization. Should a registered user post inappropriate, untrue or dishonest comments about you or your products you should use the contact form on the website to report them and Ordersfly will investigate your claim. It will be at the discretion of Ordersfly as to whether the feedback should be removed. Please note that Ordersfly will not monitor feedback posted on the Ordersfly website.

You, the seller, will provide the required information for your products as required by Ordersfly in the online Product Submission form. You must ensure that the information you provide is accurate, complete and not misleading. You are solely responsible for setting the price of your products and any discounts attributed to those products. Also responsibility lies with you the seller to define any applicable duration for access to your products, should these be delivered through your own online system. You are solely responsible for the process, format and expense of delivery of your products through your own systems. Downloadable products option is also available.

You give Ordersfly, as your agent, the authority to collect the value of all purchases of your products made through the Ordersfly on your behalf. You agree to pay Ordersfly commission on the sale of your products sold through the Ordersfly calculated as a 5% percentage of the total net price of your product.

As a seller you are required to have your own Refunds and Returns policy or to agree to the terms of the Ordersfly Refunds and Returns policy, which states that a refund will be issued if a purchased has not been accessed /delivered or is defective or does not comply with the published description. Refunds will be looked at on a case by case basis, but requests will normally only be upheld for products purchased that are not as described by the seller. Refunds will not be issued if an on-line course has not been accessed within the course duration as described in the product details.  In submitting your sellers information to Ordersfly and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you give Ordersfly authority to implement your sellers Refunds and Returns policy or if requested the Ordersfly Refunds and Returns policy.

If Ordersfly refunds a buyer for the value of a product they have purchased, in accordance with the agreed Refunds and Returns policy, the refund will be applied against any amounts owed to you, the seller. If no amounts are owed then Ordersfly will invoice you for the amount paid to you for those sales that were refunded.